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Testimonial from Lene Særmark - Denmark 😃🐴🇩🇰

I had my first three lessons with Chantelle in July 2016. And I was so pleased with them, that when she returned to Denmark again in October, I booked no less than 9 lessons at this clinic.

It is so pleasing to meet a trainer that has endless amounts of patience with training the horses, and cares so much about training them to be happy, present, relaxed, and gentle riding partners.

Chantelle quickly analyzes the horse and rider, and draws out a plan that will move them both to a better place in their training. She is certain in her ways and her confidence makes both horse and rider trust her to do what’s best for them.

Basic dressage training has never been more important than it is in these days, and Chantelle will make sure than no exercise, pattern, transition or signal is left uncorrected or without improvement. Everything during the lesson from circles, to lines, to transitions are carefully selected and asked for to make the horse more settled, relaxed, softer, stronger, and more free in both body and mind.

Chantelle wants the rider to always be thinking, be present and take care of the horse in all aspects of both management and training. Which is an approach that I personally is very fond of.

I did not have a horse of my own to bring this year, so I brought two that I have in training. Both improved immensely during the lessons and both have challenges that I now have even more ways to help them with, as well as an increased inspiration to continue helping horses with their troubled minds and bodies.

Chantelle never stopped answering my 117 questions about everything from bits to saddles, and exercise’s to behaviour.

From my own lessons, and all the lessons I watched during the 6 days, I take some key words that will continue to ecco in my consciousness:

Careful, gentle, slowly, THINK!

Lene Særmark – Denmark 2016

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