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Sorceress arrives home at last.

I am very excited to announce that this little beauty, Hollands Bend Sorceress, is the newest member to my horsey family. (Sezuan x SPS Heartbreaker (imp) (Herzensdieb/Rotspon). Wes and I saw a photo of Sorceress as a foal (she is now 8 months old) while we were in Scotland at the end of last year and we were so impressed by her that we asked her breeders, Jane Bartram and Peter Bartrum if we could meet her - Only a few days back in Australia and we had met Sorceress and fell in love. Thank you very much to Jane and Peter for breeding such an exceptional foal and allowing Wes and I to purchase her! A 5 month secret and now she is home and living with my sweetheart (dirty little grub) Brolga. Updates about life teaching all sorts of things to a weanling/yearling/young horses will be coming as little miss Sorceress learns. I am so happy to have her home, she is as perfect as she looks... and just wait until you see the unique marking her mother gave her on the right side of her face (a little H for Heartbreaker? or perhaps its a little H for Hollands Bend?... we will never know). Hollands Bend Warmbloods

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