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Meet Chantelle

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 
My name is Chantelle Matthews and I was Manolo Mendez's Assistant Trainer and Barn Manager for 12 and a half yearsI worked with Manolo at Equestrian La Mancha from 2003 when I was 16 years old up until winter 2015. 

In January 2016 I relocated to the United Kingdom for 10 months with my husband where we travelled Europeto work and study, during this time I taught regular clinics based on Manolo's in-hand and ridden Training for Wellness™ Method in Denmark and Scotland and I enjoyed teaching privately in England.
I am now back home in Australia living on our farm in Warragul. We have built beautiful and safe equestrian facilities and from these facilities I teach private lessons as well as I take horses in for short and long term training. I give regular clinics Australia wide.
If you would like to host a clinic in Australia or New Zealand please contact me. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Chantelle to any person considering sending a horse to her for training.  Chantelle is highly professional, ethical, responsible and very approachable.  Margaret Augerinos

The horse I left with Chantelle during work was stiff and argumentative. In the four weeks she had him, she changed the way he moved and used his body.The horse I picked up was a supple, free moving creature that was enjoying his work. His movement had softened, taking longer slower steps with a lovely cadence and softness through his entire body. Beautiful transitions up and down and a happy horse that understood his work.

Chantelle has a gentle quietness in the ways she works with horses showing patience, kindness and fairness in which a way the horse understands. Cathy Kalab


Chantelle was utterly dedicated to rebuilding his trust and faith not only in people but in himself as well. Her enthusiasm for her work is always evident. She sees the big picture but also never misses the little details.  Her approach is sensible, methodical , correct and meticulous and the results are outstanding. Bunny B.
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