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Training for Wellness™ Program for You and Your Horse
I am able to offer for your horse one on one training with me.  
My strength is in developing young or green horses and establi-shing solid basics to give them a good training foundation. I use Manolo's empathetic and biomechanically sound in-hand and under saddle training approach and exercises.
I give the upmost care to horses who come to me for training, they are treated and looked after as one of my own. My goal is to establish the basics and focus on correct posture and body movement, ensuring your horse enjoy’s their stay with me and remain happy and confident in their work.
I only allow 2-3 horses to come in for training at any one time. This ensures that I am able to spend as much time as necessary with each horse during training, grooming and general care. 
I can help you understand better what good posture and good movement are and how to assist your horse in developing both under saddle and in-hand.
I am a supportive and approachable coach and I work with short and long term goals.
A successful competitor, I am also available to help problem solve training issues and help condition or rehabilitate your sports horse.
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