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Product Review - Equine Organix

Recently I was asked to use and review some bathing products. I am so happy to report that out of all the products I have reviewed in the past few years the Equine Organix pH-balanced Organic Chamomile products have really impressed me.

It's winter here in Australia so finding a day that was warm enough to bath Mickey wasn't so easy and I was pleasantly surprised that my Number 1 bathing wish was achievable - The least amount of time to rinse the better. There are so many equine washing products that boast that their product is easy to rinse out and more often than not I find this to be untrue so I am very happy to report that the Equine Organix Chamomile Shampoo rinses out easily. The shampoo is also economical in more ways than one, not only is it made using organic products but a little dollop of shampoo foams up beautifully and goes a long way, especially when using the Equine Organix Washing Mitt, it was easy to use and rinse out also.

After using the Chamomile Mane and Tail Leave-In Detangler I wasn't sure what to expect the next day when I took off Mickey's blankets and felt his mane, normally these type of products leave an oily feeling.... Not this one smile emoticon Mickey's mane was smooth, clean and had a light fresh feeling as well as having a glorious shine along his mane and down his tail matching the rest of his shiny body from the shampoo.

Lastly I cannot explain the deliciousness that these products exude. Seriously YUM! Not only was the aroma while washing delightful but Mickey smelt amazing for days afterwards. It has now been 3 weeks since Mickey's bath, he is still shiny, his coat barely has any dust in it and he doesn't feel grimy at all, I doubt I will need to bath him again for another week or two.

I highly recommend using Equine Organix - you won't regret it.

A special little thank-you to Ellen for my sweet gift, an Equine Organix Stirling Silver and Gold Angel Key Ring, it looks after the La Mancha tack room key and I love it.

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