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Working with different breeds.

We can learn a lot from working with horses of different breeds and discovering how they learn. Many horses have similarities but they are all individuals.

This is Fønix, he is an 11 year old Fjord/Arabian cross. He has the most kind personality and beautiful light springy movement, he is very smart but he doesn’t have high energy levels so his work ethic was lacking.

Over the days that I taught Lis and Fønix we improved his work ethic.

Firstly we worked on Fønix’s posture so that both he and Lis were no longer interfering with each other and together had a nice connection through the contact. I then introduced some new simple dressage patterns into their training routine along with mixing the canter work throughout the session and making sure they had plenty of walk breaks between.

Keeping Fønix interested in work without complicating or confusing him is very important, now that he is happier and working in partnership with Lis, his fitness will improve which will help his energy levels.

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