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Special visits in Germany

Recently I had the privilege of spending 4 days with Classical Horse Trainer, Author and Lecturer, Anja Beran at her beautiful property Gut Rosenhof and 3 days with German Grand Prix Dressage Competitor and Trainer Uta Graf.

I did not ride at Anja's but had an opportunity to watch her train several horses every day and observe her training methodology which was extremely educational.

I was invited to ride 4-5 horses each day at Uta's which was very educational and great fun as I had not ridden in months.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to spend some time with these two very accomplished horsewomen and I thank them for making me feel very welcome. 😊

In these photos, I am riding Sid, a lovely Sandro Hit gelding who is in training with Uta at Gut Rothenkircherhof. Manolo willl be happy to hear that Uta's feedback on my hands, seat and overall riding was very positive and I did him proud!

I hope my road will bring me back to both these beautiful places and I will cherish the memories as I continue visiting Europe before going home to Australia.

Photos taken by Silke Rottermann. Thank you Silke for all your help with making this possible. 🇩🇪🐴😊

#Uta Gräf #Classical Equitation by Anja Beran

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