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See you again UK and Europe.

The time has come to head home to Australia. Wes and I have had an amazing year full of travel and work.

I would like to thank my clients in Denmark, Scotland and England so much for having me, my wonderful clinic hosts for your fab organising and those of you who showered me with chocolate - news travels around the globe!! Haha :-D

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself teaching you all, meeting many breeds of horses across a number of different disciplines and each one of those horses teaching me something too. It was such a pleasure while teaching to watch horses transform under their riders who gained more understanding about the importance of solid basics whether they rode a young horse or a seasoned competitor.

I have made some great friends this year who share this training journey with me and although we will live on the opposite sides of the world we will continue to support each other through the wonderful world of the internet and airplanes.

#TrainingForWellness Chantelle Matthews

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