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Testimonial from Marianne - Clinic Denmark

I received this lovely testimonial today from one of the riders at the clinic I gave in Denmark early June. Thank you very much Marianne, I very much enjoyed teaching you and Miss Else.

**My clinic with Chantelle Matthews Dressage.**

I have a wonderful horse and I always enjoy working with her. I knew that before attending the clinic with Chantelle Matthews, but the clinic and Chantelle’s teaching opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of exactly HOW wonderful a horse my little Brownie really is.

In my horse and rider-information sheet prior to the clinic, I wrote that my primary focus at this point, was keeping my mare happy- and that I unfortunately had “the coordination skills and body control of a wet squirrel drunk on Red Bull”, and that I truly think my horse deserves better than that. If you combine that rider, with a 5-year-old mare, with a disposition that have earned her the nickname “Dora The Explorer” it is obvious that Chantelle had her work cut out.

I have had issues with achieving straightness and quick responses to my aids and day one at the clinic it became obvious that I had been micromanaging my poor horse, to the point of confusion. -I must compliment Chantelle for her very diplomatic and kind way of making me realize that part. During the clinic I felt my horse becoming more and more responsive and happy. Even though it was HOT and her disposition leans towards lethargic on a bad day, she did her own version of The Little Engine That Could. Day 2, when I got of my horse after my lesson, I was grateful.! Grateful for the fact that Chantelle had just shown me how amazing my horse really is and really grateful that I had another lesson the next day. That lesson was by the way even more amazing.!

For me and my horse, this clinic has been fantastic. I learned a lot about the more technical aspects of riding, the biomechanics of the horse, management, and the fact that horse training has to be without compromising any of those things. But my biggest gift, has been Chantelle showing me the way to a new dimension in my horse. I know that from now on it is my duty to try and ride my horse in a way that always gives us THAT feeling. On that note I would like to say; Thank God Chantelle is coming back soon

I am a happy amateur that owns a horse because I enjoy it. For me it is not about the ribbons, but the time spent being happy with my horse. When Chantelle asked me what I like the most about Else, I answered, that she makes me smile. My only goal in riding is that I want my horse to grow into being a strong, healthy and happy horse that enjoys her life. I feel that Chantelle has showed me the way to achieving that goal with kindness, patience and respect.

So thank you Chantelle, for showing me how truly amazing my horse is, and helping me become the rider she deserves.

Marianne & Else

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