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Welcome to the family Uptown Girl

Wes and I are super excited to have purchased a beautiful 2 year old Warmblood filly who we hope will be my next competition horse.

While we are overseas, for the next 18 months, Uptown Girl will be living with my Mum and her partner Graham who are both very experienced young horse handlers....

Since Mom will be sharing Uptown's progress with me, I thought it would be fun and educational to share her progress with my Facebook and Blog fans.

We will be watching Uptown grow through photos and small video clips documenting her learning everything a baby horse needs to know before they are started: from picking up their hooves, wearing blankets to float load (trailering) training to general desensitising and so much more.

I am so grateful that Uptown Girl is living with Mum (Karene Matthews) who will watch over her with as much love as I would. Thanks Mum.

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